Omar Mohout

Omar MohoutOmar is simply an expert in Strategic Planning, Business Process Design, Outsourcing Performance Management and Decision & Forecast Support.

If your business has enormous growth potential or active in a competitive business world where all bottom-line impact initiatives are of strategic importance then Omar is well placed to provide access to best practices; process optimization and growth.

Omar possesses a unique mix of experience and skills that contribute to improving operations en implementing best practices. Experience, skills, and
abilities that he offers include:
- Eighteen years of experience in the technology and service industry within the EMEA space serving blue-chip companies;
- Hands-on experience to grow business and acquire new markets;
- Ability to improve operational and business performance to accelerate profitability;
- Ability to approach technology from a business point of view keeping ROI in mind;
- Excellent grasp of Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Scenario Simulations and Customer Relationship Managementprinciples;
- Broad exposure to CRM related technology and industry players
- Experience working effectively in a dynamic, multi-national environment.