Won is a strategic brand resultancy founded by John Lindsay, a Canadian living in Belgium. Won, which stands for Wide Open Networks, is headquartered in Antwerpen-Zoersel, Belgium in 2000. Our network incorporates an integrated team of participating professionals and qualified business service providers which offer complementary services.

All of our clients have been international in scope, entrepreneurial in spirit, and focused on growth opportunities. Our core experience is built around business-to-business and lifestyle consumer goods sectors. Whether you are a small, medium or a global enterprise, we can usually serve your needs.

The Won network was inspired by the centuries old principle of trade guilds, where members joined groups who shared similar values, and practices. In an era of fragmentation, outsourcing, and free agents, there seemed to be a place for such an approach in the world of business once again. It offers assurance for its clients. In essence, Won is a branding guild.

The inspiration of our approach comes from holistic, systemic thinking whereby all sources of waste are re-captured in closed loops to achieve maximum results. This is a key principle behind sustainability, whether social, environmental or economic. When sustainable principles are applied to business and the marketing domain, we firmly believe most companies today face the prospect of saving well over 50% in costs and much, much more in time to market within the first 12 months of implementation.

With over 25 years of business experience in various industries, cultures, and from locations around the world, Mr. Lindsay has learned a simple principle of business: There is the expensive way and there is the smart way. The expensive way is to just do it – go out into the market with your ideas, deploy an army of sales people, and then hope for the best, saving the learning for later. The smart way is to plan and buy the right knowledge, time and talent to gain market traction - Look before you leap. First, leverage experience and customer insight to build a reality-based strategy, and only then execute.