Spark Plugs - Point Solutions for Marketing & Sales

In a Web2.0 interconnected world, there are businesss advantages to be gained by leveraging providers of single processes or a cluster of processes that are excellently managed, and easily integrated within your environment. Each of these solutions can help you optimize your market execution capabilities.

park Behavioral Targeting Platform (HitsIntoLeads) - Increase on-line conversions, converts your on-line traffic into qualified sales leads, recruits subscribers for newsletters, drives e-sales, personalises portal experiences [Click to e-mail for information]

  • Spark Insight - Personalised Automated Reseach Assistant - A personalised classification engine that can learn your preferences and pull content from hundreds of thousands of sources and publish them to in on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Ideal for CEOs, CTOs, product marketing, PR Clipping services, trend analysts, venture captialists. Used to track competitors, benchmarks, trend spotting, research, etc. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Partner Management and Catalogue Management: Brand management through sophisticated catalogue syndication. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Instant CRM - Can enable you to be up and running in days. [Click to e-mail for information]Collateral Chain Management Solution - Provider of integrated marcom production and deployment software to enable companies to manage the deployment of messages with consistency, speed and cost effectiveness. Excellent for multi-country and multi-channel markets. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Spark Call Centre - Activate a call centre from your office, or within a pool of people located in their homes, within a day. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • CV Warehouse - Cut the cost of recruitment by 50% with this portal and CV management tool for less than 8,000 Euros per year. [Click to e-mail for information]