WON Outsourced Marketing

Each of these service providers makes up a piece of an overall Demand Chain Platform. Each participant has been carefully selected based on their ability to deliver quality results.

  • Smart Data, Instant Data Access: Now you can outsource all the headaches related to customer data base management. This provider can provide one software interface to link up multiple data basis in multiple locations with a simple web browser, and give access to a virtual team anywhere. Value-added services include a team of data analysts using the latest filtering, auto-correcting applications can clean, de-duplicate and enhance your data quality in real time, before you execute your campaigns. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Customer Acquisition & Interim CRM Services - A leading provider of customer acquisition services including people, consulting and software. A must have for companies seeking instant CRM enablement and a profitable pipeline of customers. Currently specialized in the B2B technology industry serving blue chip customers. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Direct Marketing Execution Services - A provider of integrated direct marketing services including: pre-campaign preparation - data sourcing, mining, filtering and data base integration; print and multimedia production; on and off line message deployment - web and mail. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • On-Line Dialog and Direct Mail - e-DM: An e-dialog marketing outsource service which helps companies gain rapid, cost effective access to e-news letters, vertical market audiences, and first generation web site presence. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Web Design, Multi-media, Graphics, Print Design and Production - Top quality creative teams, directors and studios to execute everything from corporate logos, websites, to brochures and packaging. Clients include Global 2000. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Advertising& Media– Global expertise includes two parts: a specialist in ICT and another in consumer goods. Services include advertising creative, on and off line media strategy, buying and placements. Over 20 years of experience and serving a select list of ICT brands. Experts in advertising, creative, Media Planning, Scheduling and Buying (print and on-line). Presence based in Europe and the US, and shortly in Asia too. [Click to e-mail for information]