Sales Engineering

We can provide you with a seasoned team of professional analysts to review your sales processes and optimize them.They use years of experience and best practices to deliver results.Clients include the fortune 500 IT companies.

  • Smart Data, Instant Data Access: Now you can outsource all the headaches related to customer data base management. This provider can provide one software interface to link up multiple data basis in multiple locations with a simple web browser, and give access to a virtual team anywhere. Value-added services include a team of data analysts using the latest filtering, auto-correcting applications can clean, de-duplicate and enhance your data quality in real time, before you execute your campaigns. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Customer Acquisition Services - A leading provider of customer acquisition services including people, consulting and software. A must have for companies seeking instant CRM enablement and a profitable pipeline of customers. Currently specialized in the B2B technology industry serving blue chip customers. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Direct Marketing Execution Services - A provider of integrated direct marketing services including: pre-campaign preparation - data sourcing, mining, filtering and data base integration; print and multimedia production; on and off line message deployment - web and mail. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • e-DM: An e-dialog marketing outsource service which helps companies gain rapid, cost effective access to e-news letters, vertical market audiences, and first generation web site presence. [Click to e-mail for information]
  • Interim CRM applications that work now - Can enable you to be up and running in a few weeks. The software is designed to integrate core processes and enable effective management of the marketing value chain while increase revenue.People can also be provided to help you run it. It is an effective way to generate commercial results, while larger CRM projects are being implemented which can take months to years. [Click to e-mail for information]