John Lindsay - Brand Re-engineer: Business Planning & Strategy

John is the founder of Won and practitioner of operational branding. He has dedicated his 20-year career and creative talents to building enduring brands and young businesses from the floor up. He is a marketing strategist and business architect with a gift for helping clients to articulate the what - translating their heartfelt ideas into compelling corporate visions, the who - defining customer targets, and bridging this with the how - enabling corporate operations to deliver effectively on the branded promise. This holistic approach is called brand re-engineering.

He is a strong advocate of creating compelling customer experiences, using intelligence business systems to support execution, speed, agility and adaptability. Working with corporate teams as an organizational catalyst he brings both efficiency and entrepreneurial excitement to the table.

Most recently Mr. Lindsay has been collaborating with members of the Won network to develop digital branding and brand asset management tools and processes. His goal is to help companies eliminate waste in the demand generation value chain while building strong market positions. His processes incorporate the principles of sustainability as a competitive advantage.

John experienced his first start-up as the marketing director of an innovative, quality wine company in Canada. He later co-authored a best-selling book on wines. In l989 he became managing director of a real estate development company in the Caribbean next to Florida and was responsible for its profitable turn-around. In 1991 John gained valuable business process knowledge by partnering with Omega Performance Corporation. Together they re-engineered organizational structures, policies and processes around customer driven profit strategies, enabling companies to more effectively compete.

Pursuing his passion for technology, John then moved to Europe and became corporate and communications marketing manager for Xircom Europe. He designed and executed market launches for numerous new products in the fast-changing mobile networking market, developed the brand and installed a CRM system Between 1997 and 2000, as marketing and sales manager at the global headquarters of Philips Consumer Electronics, John introduced the first CRM, web-enabled sales program He initiated the branding strategy of what was to become PC Peripherals. After successfully building a new IT product brand from less than €7 million to over €115 million annual revenue, John decided to return to his entrepreneurial roots to found Won.

Companies and clients he worked with over the years include Shell, Philips, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ontario Place, Lintas, Techmar DTC-Worldwide, Every Angle, Dr.Dunner, Xircom, Psion and most recently, IBM.

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