Resultancy – This is like a consultancy except that the provider is willing to take responsibility for results by charging less in fees while sharing the risks and rewards of the results.

Demand Chain: This is any part of the value chain which generates demand for an organizations products and/or services. Typically this will include every part of the marketing mix from channels, public relations, advertising, direct mail – on and off line, events, etc.

BSPs – Business Services Providers are a combination of an ASP (Application Service Provider) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). They deliver the software applications and the services to make the applications work, against a service level agreement (SLA).

ESNs – External Service Providers are like BSPs but it is a broader term given to any external service provider including ASPs, BPOs, BSPs, ISPs, etc. For a full report on how to manage outsourced relationships check out this site:

Value Architecture – This is recipe, a mix of factors such as key processes, activities, standards, intellectual property, customers, suppliers, and values, which together create unique, added value and differentiate your company from competitors.

Demand Chain Audit – This is a process in which audits the processes and investments you have made into marketing executions. The aim is to identify best practices, opportunities for improvement in order to reduce the cost of sale and improve profitability.

Communications branding focuses on the defining and delivering the key messages around the brand and its offers. This includes everything from the brand essence, logo, look and feel, corporate values, missions, etc. It is usually executed within the domains of brand management, product marketing and marketing communications and reaches out to customer touch points such as communications, phone, channels, product packaging, and points of sale.

Operational branding extends beyond communications and reaches right back inside the organization. It links the branding essence to criteria, which ensures the communicated promise is consistently delivered, internally and externally. It has impact across the organization and includes setting standards for operations by people, the selection of suppliers, IT systems, workflows and the design of key processes. In fact, we believe that any employee that does not have a branding attribute to his/her role, actually erodes shareholder value.

Demand Chain Platform: The sum total of business processes, software and people that execute the marketing strategy and drive marketing operations daily to increase market demand, revenue and profit. This includes both in-sourced and outsourced services and activities.