How can we benefit you? In situations where your primary objectives are to increase revenue by:

  • Speeding market expansion
  • Identifying and attacking new markets for your products, even if this means significant change
  • Building markets in Europe, Middle East and/or Africa, while being headquartered overseas.
  • Re-evaluating your business and branding approach for marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Rapidly developing new products and services in response to new market opportunities
  • Expanding sales from existing customers

We help you achieve tangible business results more easily. We help you drive sales and marketing functions by developing your capabilities to respond with agility to emerging market opportunities. Our approach enables you to embrace risk and smart experimentation to drive top-line growth, and to maintain constant focus on optimum opportunities for profitable revenue.
Won and its participants are designed to serve companies in partnership. We help you:

  • Align action behind strategy, on a daily basis.
  • Aggressively generate new sales opportunities.
  • Creatively reach new markets and customers.
  • Shorten time-to-market with new products and services.
  • Experiment with sales and marketing techniques and new product and service offerings.
  • Focus on technology that fuels sales growth and speeds product innovation.
  • Scale to your needs with just-in-time resourcing

By reducing our dependency on expensive overheads, cost eating bricks and mortar, we offer fluidity, flexibility and the speed to change on short notice as needed.

The Won founder strongly believes that companies gain critical time to market by buying in experience. The gains at the execution level can be exponential when leveraging external support right at the start of strategic development. External facilitative participants can help to reduce politics, ego-jacked decision-making, and save time by bringing in best practices from the outside. This quickly avoids re-inventing the wheel for the same problems.

The Won founder also believes that the means is just as important as the ends when it comes to building a truly great brand. Every part of the value chain must be congruent with the whole i.e. outsourcing to service providers that do not share similar basic values and principles (i.e. on labor, environment, and quality) will not support the health of a strong brand and lasting market position.

Like a the vibrations of a fine tuning fork, corporate values must resonate clearly in all that we do. Well-aligned brand identities have the to sustain the seductive power to attract like a magnet the right kinds of people and inspire the right kinds of behavior required to achieve truly great aspirations.

Branded Network

Won, Wide Open Networks offers you access to a multi-sourced environment of participants – agencies, service providers, and free-agent professionals. They have been pre-qualified on the basis of key criteria to ensure a standard of delivery, common purpose and assurance.

Common Purpose:

Won participants have joined the network to achieve the following objectives:

  • Quality: To offer customers external service provider (ESN) assurance with a standard guarantee for the quality of work delivered.
  • Project Sharing: To create opportunity sharing networks where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. To share the joys, risks and rewards of joint efforts.
  • Knowledge Network: To create a self-learning network through the sharing of best practices around key business processes.
  • Growth: To build, grow and develop the networks capacity.
  • Community: To create a sense of community among professionals with similar values and aspirations.

Core Values & Criteria: RAVE

  1. Reliability – Trust. Consistently delivering on our service promise.
  2. Responsiveness – Flexibility, agility, speed, and good value.
  3. Assurance – Knowledge, Business Process Domain Expertise.
  4. Vision – Shared regarding a networked world paradigm.
  5. Empathy - Market / customer focused, understanding your individual needs.
  6. Ethical congruency – Aspire to achieve results beyond just financial profit – environmental, social – while having fun in the process.
  7. EDGE – Energized (the spark), energizing, decisive, execution; Freedom with responsibility – risk and reward oriented.
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