Won is a strategic brand resultancy based in Antwerp, Belgium.

We help you close the gap between business strategy and practice to build strong market positions. We work with you to create business plans as a holistic branded strategy.What makes us different? How we help you connect to new growth possibilities with inspired thinking (strategic planning), and how we help you put this into creative action (branded/marketing communications and daily operations).


  • Approach-Gets you outside of your box to shift your perspective; we take responsibility from idea creation into creative execution and results.
  • Operations Support–Closes gaps between business strategy, communications and operations
  • Experience–Best practices from our knowledge network drives speed and measurable profitability while reducing waste from reinventing wheels
  • Assurance–Quality trademark with WON criteria RAVE

This website explains what we do for you, how we do it, with whom we do it, and how its been done for others.